Mon, 18 Feb 2002

Last night I created and uploaded Page 6 in the Photo Album. It contains eight pictures from the Gulfcoast Color Guard and Percussion Circuit at Escambia High School (02/16/02). I wanted to take a picture of Betty, but she wouldn’t let me. Oh well. Anyway, most of the pictures are of pits and drumlines, but I also put a picture of Pace Color Guard on it. My camera was set low (for memory), and I was not allowed to use a flash, so most of the pictures I took were useless (Duh. I’m not that bright.) If I had a larger CF card (digital camera memory), I could have used higher memory pictures, but I don’t. Anyway, Milton drumline got third out of five drumlines, and Pace got fifth out of six guards. Seems as though Pace isn’t doing too well in competition . I’m starting to be glad that Pace didn’t have an indoor drumline this year. We would have gotten chewed out badly. Anyway, good luck MHS drumline and PHS guard. I hope you do better next time . By the way, some of the pictures I took were uploaded to Remember, the news on this page is out of chronological order purposely. Don’t send error reports. I Y BS! MOO!!!!!! Happy birthday to the following: Mommy (today), Katie (today), Karen (02/20). [Visit GCGC Shortcut to GCGC Scores]