Fri, 15 Feb 2002

It has been brought to my attention that the new hit counter is not recording hits and has been staying on 1 since it has been added. Until I get time to fix it, I would suggest that you just ignore it. Obviously, I’ve had more than one hit since Tuesday. Even if no one ever came to my web site, it would record my own hits whenever I open Internet Explorer (my web site is my home page). Tomorrow I will not be home for most of the day. I am going to Gulfcoast Color Guard and Percussion Circuit at Escambia High School, and I will be at the entire competition (I told Betty that I would go). I will not be posting details about this in the Band section, due to the fact that I am not competing. I will most likely be taking my digital camera with me, so I will probably post pictures in the Photo Album. I will also consider submitting pictures to the GCGC web site. AOL has once again found a way to block Trillian. Until Trillian counters this action, I will be using AIM 4.8 rather than AIMExpress. AOL must die! I will be keeping the news segment from yesterday (02/14/02) as the second article on the Home page until I have removed the BlackStar songs from the server (in about a month or two). Once I have removed the BlackStar songs from my server, I will place the article in the Older News Archive in its proper order by date. Please do not send me error reports about my news being out of order. I am just keep the BlackStar songs there for easy access. Thank you. I really hope that I never have to say this again, but I guess I do now: If you send in a Link or News submission or Personal Message, and you do not fill in the required information, your submission or message WILL NOT BE REVIEWED! You’re wasting my time and yours. [Visit GCGC Visit AIM Visit Trillian]