Thu, 14 Feb 2002

BlackStar has released a Demo CD with three of their songs. When Ozzy ran out of CD’s to give out, I suggested to him that I upload the CD onto my site for a limited amount of time. Ozzy and I agreed to the idea, so I have uploading the songs. I do not know how long the songs will be in the archives, but I will keep them on my site for at least a month or two.

Song Name Song Time File Name File Size
Blind 3:51
Track1.mp3 2.64 MB
Free Again 5:09
Track2.mp3 3.54 MB
Alone 5:41
Track3.mp3 3.90 MB

Hey. If you want something else to listen to, go to the Band section and learn about our ensemble. Happy Valentine’s Day everybody! I Y BS!