Tue, 12 Feb 2002

GrateFreEze (Bryan) has changed his alias to ION. Don’t ask me why. He is what he is. Anyway, ION has set up FrontPage extensions onto the server. Since then, I have added a hit counter to the bottom of the Navigation frame. Keep in mind that the hit counter was put there on 02/12/02, so it isn’t anywhere close to my total number of hits. In other news, it looks like AOL has either laid off of Trillian; or Trillian has found a way to keep AOL from affecting them. With the latest patch file, Trillian connects to AOL just fine. With AOL out of the way, I once again recommend Trillian as your chat client . For those of you that are submitting Quote suggestions, thank you ! [AIM IONLightning Visit Trillian]