Thu, 07 Feb 2002

The AOL Communist Network is continuing to try and block Trillian users. This started about week after Trillian won the CNET IM Bonanza. I do not yet know what Cerulean Studios is going to do about the situation; but accourding to Trillians Forum, a new version is on the way soon. From what I’ve gathered, Trillian has the option of using TOC rather than OSCAR to connect to AIM. I do not know if Trillian will take advantage of this though. One thing is for sure. There needs to be a multiclient IM software; and Trillian is trying to create this, because having four IM softwares takes up way too much RAM. If you are a Trillian user, and you are not that versed in computers, I do suggest switching back to AIM or AIMExpress for now. I know a trick that allows me to connect to AOL through Trillian, but I do not wish to post the solution on the Internet. The AOL Communists are always watching. [Visit Trillian Visit AIM]