Sat, 05 Jan 2002

ActiveWorlds has change their usage policies. They have gone completely insane. Here’s how the policies used to be. You could be a tourist and the software and usage was completely free; however, you did not get to reserve a name, and you didn’t have as many features. Or, you could be a citizen. Which meant that you had a reserved name and more features, but you had to pay $19.95 a year. Now they’ve gone stupid and changed all that. They’ve completely done away with the tourist/citizen idea. Now you get a two week trial version, and then you must pay $9.50 a month. Which my big malletman registration ending on January 14th, I have chosen to go ahead and uninstall the software from my computer, but first I went to AW for one last look. It was nearly empty compared to normal. Maybe it was just the time of the day, but there wasn’t even a quarter of the people normally there. AW is going to go way down from making this mistake. After all, who’s going to want to use a chat program that costs monthly and doesn’t have many people using it? I have removed everything having to do with AW off this web site (except news of coarse). I may add it again later, if AW ever goes back to normal.