Sat, 29 Dec 2001

Daniel’s Web Land is about to enter another year. I don’t know how much different the year 2002 will be from previous years, but I’ll go through it. Whatever that’s suppose to mean. Monday is New Year’s Eve, and I don’t know if I’m doing anything then. School restarts on Thursday, and my new schedule is going to be more difficult than my last. Report cards for last semester come out on January 9th. I’m not sure how I feel about school starting again. I don’t like the schedule I’m about to take on, but I miss all my friends. Anyway, I’ve update the My Computer page. I’ve added what software I use for my digital camera and my scanner, and I’ve also added reviews on some of the software. You can go see what I mean by that. Chaffin says that 2 will open at the beginning of the year, even though the web site itself says it should have opened on December 15th. If you’ve ever thought about buying a ReGet registration, now is the time to do it. From what their web site says, ReGet Deluxe 3.0 will come out soon. When this new version does come out, the price for registrations will increase to $29.95. Right now, the price for registration is $20.00. Once you buy a registration, all upgrades after that are free. You can buy a ReGet registration here. ReGet registrations disable ad banners on ReGet Deluxe, ReGet Deluxe Beta, ReGet Junior, ReGet Junior Beta, and old ReGet 1.x.