Sat, 22 Dec 2001

Hi everybody. I’m trying to get used to this new desk I’ve got. The audio (speakers and microphone) are right in my face. The monitor is baring down on me and is a little crazy on my neck. Anyway, at least I’ve got a lot more room to work with. I’ll just have to get used to the rest. Speaking or getting used to something, you’ve probably noticed that yesterday I changed the format of the dates on the Home page, Older News Archive, Band, and Older Band News. This is so I can have the days (Monday, Tuesday, etc.) on it. I’ve made a few more changes. I went ahead and removed the Chat communication. I don’t think I’ll ever get a decent provider on that, plus I usually use AIM and MSN chats anyway. Something’s been bothering me, and I want to share it. There is something I hear a lot, and I hate it every year. “Happy Holidays” . What the heck is that? If you’re a Christian, say “Merry Christmas”. If you’re a Jew, say “Happy Hanukkah”. All I have to say is stand for what you believe in. If you are an atheist, stop denying it and say nothing at all. Saying “Happy Holidays” just means that you are a sissy, and you have no core beliefs. There’s nothing I can’t stand more than someone who denies their own beliefs. Stop being so “politically correct”. I am a Christian, but if a Jew walks up to me and says “Happy Hanukkah”, I’m going to say “you too”. At the same time, if a Jew walks up to me and says “Merry Christmas”, I’m going to believe that person has no core beliefs. Just say what you mean. Don’t worry so much about people’s feelings. They’ll get over it . Now, back to the main point: MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY !