Mon, 17 Dec 2001

I have finally redone the Older Band News page. It is now similar to the Older News Archive. The BlackStar page has been removed from /nblserv. There are two reasons. First of all, Robert is too lazy to do it. I’ve become impatient with him because he will not send me the pictures I require to make the page worth looking at. Secondly, Administrator doesn’t like the idea of me hosting another section. Don’t ask me. Take it up with him if you don’t like it. Easy for him to say, he’s hosting a lot more than one site. Anyway, he’ll probably cut me for saying that too. If Daniel’s Web Land gets cut, we’ll live with it; or you can talk to Administrator about it. Be assured that if I do get cut, a forth Daniel’s Web Land will appear somewhere out there in cyberspace. It has survived four different servers in the past, and it will not die completely, nor will it because a slave to anything. The BlackStar board and GuestBook have been removed, and your patients with the page has been appreciated. Good night, and I sign off for now. [Email Administrator]