Thu, 13 Dec 2001

ReGet has released two new versions of ReGet Deluxe. It has come out with ReGet 2.1 (built 107) located at the ReGet Deluxe site, and it was come out with ReGet Deluxe 2.2 beta (built 110). I have chosen to take the beta version; however, if you do not know a lot about computer or don’t feel easy about an incomplete version you should take built 107 instead of built 110. Seems the beta version have a new FTP Explorer. Anyway, I have gotten some news about band, and I’ve update the Band Dates page. Finals and Christmas break are coming up, so school is being crazy. I still don’t have anything new for the BlackStar page. I’m waiting for Robert still. I have decided to redo the entire Older News Archive. I have changed it to holding five in each instead of three in each, and they are sorted oldest first. This will make the Archive smaller. I may choose to do the something thing with the Older Band News later. [Visit the ReGet Deluxe page Visit the ReGet Beta page]