Sun, 2 Dec 2001

Hello everybody! Today is a good day . I had a nice visit with my sister, a good day at church, I got to see Hannah (a four year old girl), and I’m just happy about stuff that you don’t really have to know about. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NICK! God bless you. Anyway, I don’t have anything to talk about; but I do feel a little like sharing my opinion (one of the main reasons for anyone to have a web site). It’s about my school wanting to add something to our dress code. They wanted to have our school have uniforms, but it didn’t pass. Now, they are trying to make it required to have belts. Now, I’m not complaining really. It wouldn’t really bother me that much if we had to wear belts, but I’ve just been thinking. America seems to think that the solution to problems is to make more laws and rules. Now, I’m okay with rules and laws; but……. Well, I’ll just be blunt. The reason why my generation is so “rebellious” is because the last generation is too scared to tell us no. The point is that there are already plenty of good rules and laws, but you people are just too much of cowards to enforce them. The reason my generation acts like rebels is because you cowards won’t spank our butts and tell us no. You bunch of politically correct sissies! But of coarse, I’m talking to a brick wall .