Fri, 23 Nov 2001

Last night, GrateFreEze and I worked on making Daniel’s Web Land a Message Board. We choose to put up a YaBB forum. I do not completely know how to use it yet, but I’ll work on it. Become a member of Daniel’s Web Land Message Board. The Photo Album has been redone, but the same pictures are on the same pages. I will no longer be using PrintMaster 7 to make Photo Album pages. That program is too slow, as it uses all gif and jpg formats. Another Pace/Milton game is tonight, so I’ll try to write a summary in the Band page for the first time since the site went down. GrateFreEze and I have been talking about the Men of Faith page. My site is currently 59.9MBs. Which is way too large. I found that 48MB is taken up by the MP3 files. I may have to delete them in the future. Later.