Thu, 22 Nov 2001

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I would like to let everyone know that today is a great day. Even though this nation has many things that it could complain about, this nation is more blessed than any other nation in the world. We must not forget that. May God give special comfort for all those that are missing someone from their dinner tables tonight. As for me, David, Stephanie, Jeremy, Elizabeth, and Nannie came over. I ate shrimp, hushpuppies, fries, baked beans with bacon, and Mountain Dew: Code Red. Ah Code Red. Hey GrateFreEze, that Cherry 7up is pretty good too, but Code Red is better . I would like to inform everyone of my updates. The Links page first of all. While my site has been down, ReGet and Active Worlds have made some major improvements to their software. ReGet has come out with ReGet Deluxe 2.1 and ReGet Shell Extensions Beta. It seems that WinMP3Locater is becoming part of ReGet Deluxe, rather than a separate program. However, there is no longer a free version of ReGet. Active Worlds has come out with Active Worlds 3.2. Taking advantage of DirectX 8.1, it is becoming more and more realistic. However, you need to have a pretty up-to-date computer to run it now. Less major upgrades are the opening of WeatherBug 3.0 and the joining of Juno and NetZero as United Online. However, I think that I’ve noticed a slight lowering in reliability with Juno since it “teamed up” with NetZero.