Thu, 2 Aug 2001

That’s right everyone. The second Daniel’s Web Land is gone forever. Go ahead and laugh. Technically, I do not have an official web site right now. This version of Daniel’s Web Land is still beta, which basically means that I do not guarantee that everything on here works. That’s right, chaffinweb is basically my only host now. Juno Homesteads is still used for my submission forms, but that’s about it. I haven’t seen any trouble with it; so if you see an error or a broken link, tell me about it. I’m still looking for the right hit counter, and MetaTeck may help me with that. It looks like GrateFreEze has been having a little trouble lately. He just got done adding a tilde (~) to our folders, and there’s been a little trouble ever since. The Message Board has been having a lot of trouble. It looks like I still have everyone’s user names and passwords, but the entries and profiles may have been lost. If you are a member of the Message Board, please be patient. GrateFreEze and I are doing everything we can. You may have to redo your profiles, but I’m not sure yet. Thank you.