Fri, 6 Jul 2001

I have decided to change the Message Board. The forum provided by didn’t fit my web site, and I didn’t like the ad banner in the middle of the page. I am keeping on the Links page for a recourse for other sites, but I now use chaffinweb as my forum provider. You can use the new forum by clicking on
Message Board on the side, or you can use my new zDOS URL redirection: to get there. You must be a registered Daniel’s Web Land member to post messages, but anyone can view them. To become a member of Daniel’s Web Land you must agree to the agreement. It is free, and there is also a privacy statement to protect you. I was recently invited to become a member of Blue Castles, which is a megazeux game making company. Sort of ironic considering MZX doesn’t run on Windows ME, and I have made games in months. I might try to get MZX to work, but I would have to relearn the MZX robotic language.