Tue, 3 Jul 2001

I have created a new Message Board. (Hey, GrateFreEze, it’s just a coincidence that we did it at the same time.) You can use it to post messages more quickly than the News Submission Form, although the submitted news is more noticed than messages on the Message Board. I have the ability to delete or edit any messages you put on the Message Board. My web host, GrateFreEze also has co-administrative powers. Please do not put anything offensive in it. It will be deleted anyway. Rumor has it that gratefreeze.com will be going down soon, but who knows. Band camp is coming soon, and I’ll be out of town. I don’t know if I’ll be able to receive e-mail while I am gone. Mail.com and other web mail types have been crap lately. If I do send and receive e-mail while I’m gone, it will be through nblserv@email.com not my other address. I also probably won’t be about to update my site while I’m gone.