Fri, 29 Jun 2001

It looks like GrateFreEze has fixed the problem with the pictures being messed up. I have transferred all of the NBCi files to chaffinweb except for the Men of Faith page. That page is very large and would take a long time with my Internet connection. GrateFreEze will probably transfer that for me. I have changed all of the hyperlinks to chaffinweb, so you shouldn’t have any problem looking at my site. The NBCi ad banner will not be seen again (unless I us NBCi web hosting again in the future). I am still using NBCi e-mail and chat. Chat may go down after July 15, due to the same reason I had to switch to chaffinweb. Because of this whole thing, and my web site going down for so long, I was unable to give any Band summaries. I will write a smaller description of leadership camp.