Sat, 30 Dec 2000

We are open again. Because I hated the design of my last site, I have chosen to redo the entire thing. Now it is easier to get around because all the link are on the side. In the last site, the links were in a different place on every page. Also, the New Breakfast Lounge has ended for the time being. I may chose to restart it later, but I don’t think so. Also, every page has it’s own “last updated” and it’s own hit counter. I also hated the peach color background. As of right now, the site is not finished. Many of the links on the side do not work yet. The E-mail me, About me, and Guest Book. do work, I think. E-mail me is just a link to my e-mail address. About me is a profile of me and shout outs to friends and family. Lastly, the Guest Book is a page where you can leave messages that can be viewed by anyone who comes to this site. I plan on doing the Drum Line link next. There’s a lot of crazy stuff going on this year in the Pace drum line. Then, I will probably create my Links section. As soon as I think of stuff to put in it, I will start on my site’s Bible section. Keep checking for updates to this site. The weather on the side should be for Pensacola, Florida. Feel free to write an entry in the Guest Book, but please keep it nice. Thanx!